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A storefront is the home of your brand on Amazon, a free mini website for on the Amazon Marketplace, with multiple pages for content and internal links, among other features.  

In January 2020, Amazon released new features for stores, and in this post, we will give you a rundown of the upgrades 

Shoppable collection images 

Shoppable images are a new ad format that gives brands the opportunity to tag products in lifestyle images on your storefront.  

Using your lifestyle images, you can feature your product in different settings or in collections with complementary products that you sell 

You can choose to make any of the products in the image shoppable, enabling customers to click on the featured products to see basic information, such as name, price, customer ratings, and Prime availability. They can also add the product to their cart or navigate to the product detail page. This allows shoppers to move from inspiration to purchase in just a few clicks. 

 Images with text 

To give your lifestyle images an extra pop, storefront owners now have the option of adding text overlays to images 

This feature allows you to better describe your products by customizing things like location, alignment, and colour. 

The benefit of having text in images can improve the SEO of your storefront which may increase traffic to the Store from third-party search engines. 

Bulk and out of stock product management  

To save time and energy, you can now upload products in bulk to your product grids and featured-deals tiles. You can also opt to automatically hide any products that are out of stock, optimizing the shopping experience for customers and making it easier and quicker to keep your Store updated. 

Stores scheduling  

To make it easier to manage your Store, you can now publish updates at scheduled dates and times, allowing you to plan ahead and align your Store’s publishing schedule with new releases, seasonal changes, and brand updates. When you submit your updated Store for publishing, you can request a date and time at which the changes will be live to customers. 

New links to stores 

 In addition to the products featured on the simple landing page of your Sponsored Brands ads, we’ll now add your brand logo at the bottom of the page, which customers can click to go to your Store.  

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