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Amazon Expands Netherlands Marketplace

It’s no surprise that Amazon has its hold on being the largest E-commerce company to date, growth and innovation is the driving force behind the rapidly expand mega-corp. One of Amazon’s many plans of expanding is launching a full marketplace service in the Netherlands in Q1 of 2020.

What does this mean for Amazon? Well, according to Ecommerce reports based on Netherlands e-commerce behaviour, Netherlands has an internet penetration of 95% and it’s forecasted that over 84% of the online population is forecasted to shop online by the year 2019. It is also said that most Dutch consumers abandon a shopping cart due to too high delivery costs and make use of e-commerce services simply for the ease of ordering at home. This is perfect for Amazon as it has Amazon Prime Membership, the package including free fast shipping for eligible purchases, and features many other perks which are certainly a win-win situation for Mr Bezos and the population of Netherlands.

A “Silent Word” on Amazons’ New Social Marketing Platform

Amazon is testing a new way to advertise your products while engaging with your audience. Amazon Posts has been secretly available for the public, still currently in beta. Amazon posts allow a new way to browse and discover new products on the Amazon platform – similar to a social media feed. The platform is built for commerce purpose focusing on sharing and discovering brand stories and products.

The unique e-commerce platform has instantly purchasable posts with simple ‘tap to show more’ features, and focuses on browsing, engaging and discovering carousels of participating brands. As a seller, this is an exciting tool and a must-have in your holistic marketing strategy. Limited only to US brand owned sellers for now.

Stronger Grip On US E-Commerce as Amazons “add on” program gets pulled from Prime Membership

Over are the days of having to purchase an items cart of a minimum of $25 to qualify for free next-day delivery from Amazon. Amazon might’ve knocked their competition further by essentially removing its “add on” program that required a minimum spend of $25 to qualify for free next day delivery- And imagine all you wanted was a $.99 bag of potato chips. With the add-on program removed, Prime Membership shoppers in the US marketplace qualify for free next-day delivery on an item basket of as little as $1.

The combination of changes will certainly retain e-commerce shoppers to purchasing their daily necessities and household items on Amazon and increase the current number of Prime Members in the US.

Amazons $600 Million Investment into Indian Marketplace Services Inc. has invested 45 billion rupees into its Indian Subsidiaries as it ramps up the operation of one of its fastest-growing markets. The Populated Indian Market is Amazons’ last frontier and a crucial market for the growth of Amazon. Founder Jeff Bezos admitted to spending more than $5 billion for the Indian market – Battling with Flipkart (owned by Walmart)

What does this mean for the Indian Marketplace Sellers? Amazon.In will soon become a very lucrative marketplace to sell in and set focus on. With a population of 1.339 billion – it’s no surprise Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is doing all he can to speed up operations in the Indian Marketplace while the Indian government is rolling out fibre network for 5G, which will boost e-commerce in India.

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