Optimisation of Paid Advertising is a key aspect of what we provide here at RT7Digital. We specialise in using Pay Per Click ads to build brand awareness and ensure that we accurately connect with the target market of our clients brand. Unlike many of our competitors we ensure that our clients receive a subjective experience when working with us, we will base our strategy around the needs and wants of their business.


First, we conduct a thorough analysis of your current online presence. We also look at competitors and overall listing and message of your business.


After gaining valuable insight into your brand. We do keyword research, competitor research and search engine analysis. It is important for us to establish key areas to focus our attention to ensure that when allocating budget we achieve optimal conversion rates.


We then implement suggested changes based on our research to make your content visible in search results and optimised information to meet online standards.


Here we monitor data, create relevant content and generate reports to ensure your business is adaptable and keeps a competitive position online.

We have a specialist team in-house managing Paid Search for our clients. Paid online advertising is hugely important for a lot of our clients as they progress up the natural search results. It also helps to backup branded campaigns making sure that the brand is visible to the right customers and in the right places. We only spend client’s budget where it will have the most impact and for some clients, we consult on their existing PPC campaigns and for others, we build them from scratch and manage.
We always report in as much detail as the client requires and can create complex reporting structures based on the needs of each individual business. Google shopping feeds, retargeting or pay per click advertising is essential to increasing sales.

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