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In the current digital world, you need to have an account with almost every online platform just to access the information which they host.
This is all good and well until you realise the magnitude of accounts made just to gain access.

This is where the security issues may come into play. The digital world treats security as an evolving characteristic of the digital environment. There is no full-proof protection when it comes to digital.
However, there are means and methods that can be implemented to ensure you are at the forefront of digital and internet security with your passwords.


Understanding The Use of Passwords


There is no right nor wrong way to use passwords. However, there are effective and ineffective ways to use passwords.

Most reputable websites that require registration have certain guidelines surrounding the implementation of passwords – from length to composition. This is all good and well. You may have a password that contains a keyword or phrase, a number and maybe even a symbol or two. But is it enough?

Remember that anything that is based on human factors has a chance of incurring a human error. The most common error that pops up is that of matching passwords – ie. people using the same password on multiple platforms. Many of these platforms may use encryption when logging information. However, it is wise to remember that these platforms and mechanisms implemented by websites are coded by humans too. And as such may also be susceptible to error.

Imagine on of your most used websites has its’ security compromised – leaving those with malicious intent with not more information but your email address and password for that platform.
If that password is the same for any other website or platform, you may be in some trouble.


What to Change


It’s never too late to start implementing contemporary security protocols – in your digital and physical life.
With regards to your passwords, there are various means and methods one can use to ensure safety.
The most basic (and most effective) method includes nothing but using different passwords on every different site that you may use.

If you have already amassed a large basis of platforms which you are registered to, it would be wise to start changing account passwords as soon as you realise the need to do so.
Although tedious, this could serve to save a lot of time, effort and unnecessary headache in the future.


Password Management


Along with having varied passwords comes the tedium of managing all those various passwords.
Again, there is no right or wrong way to do this. Just varying levels of efficiency in order to do so.

Doing this for free, with no external management solution could be as simple trying to remember each and every password or creating a document that has all passwords saved and encrypting that file with a password only you know.

There are even paid solutions, which do take the hassle of managing all the passwords out of your hands. These solutions are usually online-based, meaning you could access them from anywhere in the world – and all you would need is your master password. Many of these paid solutions offer the ability to generate passwords for you, creating strings of numbers and letters which are often near impossible to duplicate.


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