Digital advertising is a multifaceted rabbit hole with many… many… connecting tunnels – it’s quite easy to get lost or overwhelmed. That’s why, with each project our team embarks on, we rigidly plan a course of action to ensure that we conquer any challenge our clients throw at us.

Humboldt entrusted in the RT7Digital gang to build a contemporary website for them with the usual SEO, design and content requirements. Sounds simple enough, right?
The tricky element of this project is that Humboldt has never had a website before and did not have any digital background or fundamentals of any sorts. This can both be a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it.

Blessing in the sense that we could start new, no online legacy that could cripple our efforts to get a beautiful and functional website up, ranking and kicking ass. Curse, as we would have to go against competitors with strong and old domains with bold online presences. At which point, we had zero.

Our Digital Game Plan: The Creation & Implementation

To begin, we listened to what role Humboldt wanted its website to play and how it could aid in increasing what they outlined as leads or conversions. After we all agreed on its purpose it was time to hit the design of the website. After a couple of reverts, we had the design of a sleek and gorgeous website, that we were even like “Wow, that’s freaking awesome”.
Now, our trusted developers took on the task of now creating the what our website designers had envisioned and added further to user navigation of the website. Once we had the rough version of the website ready, our SEO gurus were launched into action creating optimised content and building high-quality backlinks and profiles. It was nearly time to unveil the overall digital presence of Humboldt.

Our Digital Game Plan: The Result

Introducing, Humboldt International Food Brokers! You can check out our efforts and visit their new website here. A stunner that we added to our portfolio and continually give love every month. Take a look and let us know your thoughts. Hell, why don’t you let us do this for you too?

View their website here: