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Pressure Coolers

Who is pressure coolers

Pressure Coolers is the oldest established drinking water cooler specialist in the UK. They supply an expansive variety of water coolers and drinking fountains as well as accessories needed to maintain these systems efficiently. Pressure Coolers prides itself in having a highly qualified engineering and maintenance team.

Pressure Coolers is committed to providing a quality service from start to finish – ensuring consumers have a pleasant experience when keeping their communities hydrated.

Our Role

Pressure Coolers has been a long-standing client of ours – providing them with email marketing as well as SEO. Additionally, our team operates Live Chat for Pressure Coolers’ website, aiming to answer queries and generate leads.

Through continuous, highly-strategised SEO, we have afforded Pressure Coolers high rankings for the position in the UK-based SERP – using continuous ideation of keywords and strategy in order to maintain a well-rounded understanding of the digital marketplace as well as the community in which Pressure Coolers reside.