root 7 amazon


Root7 were one of our first clients and our work across their brands started back in 2007. The company started out as a B2C products business importing products from China & the USA and selling them online on product specific websites as well as through channels such as Amazon.

Over the next three years, the business changed into a focused barware & kitchenware importer of exclusive product lines from largely American companies. Rt7Digital helped support the migration away from product specific sites to two core brands – Birando – – for B2C and Root7 – – for B2B.

  • Development of two core websites to support the same range of products across two different customer groups
  • Integration of websites into company accounts package (Sage 50) and CRM system
  • Supporting a separate PR company with digital outreach for new product launches and seasonal promotions
  • Managing social media channels across core sites as well as separate product-specific social initiatives
  • Developing seasonal promotional materials & videos to support offline retail customers

Root7’s challenge was to develop a digital brand that supported both B2B and B2C – it is an ongoing project that is looking to develop Root7 further into a lifestyle brand that spans both B2B and B2C.