Violet & George

Our work speaks for itself. From design and development and content marketing solutions to social media promotions and web optimisation, we’ve tirelessly worked to ensure our clients are ahead of the pack and enjoy a sustainable online business for years to come. 

Project Description

RT7 Digital was tasked with creating a social and SEO strategy to get their Google listing moved up in rank and ultimately increase their search visibility and domain authority.

Who Violet and George are

Violet & George was born in 2009 out of a passion for exquisite textiles and meaningful, elegant design. Since then, they have become synonymous with luxurious interiors created to reflect and magnify their clients’ individual tastes. They’re ‘new fashioned’, skilled in the traditional crafts of interior decoration and fastidious about attention to detail, but at the same time aware of contemporary trends, taste and technology.

From their West London studio and workshop in Middlesex, their designers and craftsmen collaborate with a trusted network of specialists to ensure exceptional levels of fit and finish. And high levels of customer delight too. No request is too exotic (or mundane); no imagination too wild; no expectation left unfulfilled.

What we have done

Since the day that Violet & George had turned out to be one of our customers we have been doing the undertakings, we were given yet as time gone by we now do substantially more than simply creating leads.

Right now, we have presently assumed control over and the undertaking of settling and enhancing the violet and George site.

In the wake of building such a decent association with our customer we have chosen to put our all in, we are presently entering SEO, battling, blogging and additionally exceed.

How RT7 Digital Can Help You

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