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The Water Cooler Company

Who is The Water Cooler Company

The Water Cooler Company is a family run business based in London which rents and services over 2000 bottled and plumbed-in water coolers across London.
They focus on providing an excellent service, including outstanding customer and technical support. They provide a wide range of water coolers both plumbed and bottled available for purchase or hire.

Our Role

The Water Cooler Company is one of our oldest clients. Our team has built a highly functional e-commerce website. In addition to this, our team operates “Live Chat” for The Water Cooler Company’s website, answering customer queries and generating live leads.

Through the build of their website, we had our in-house SEO wizard’s work their magic and the results are showing with The Water Cooler Company ranking highly for strategic Keywords.

Social is a big part of building any brand, that’s why we have built a custom social strategy for The Water cooler Company and we continually monitor progress and adapt when necessary.

The water cooler industry is a competitive one, so to stay ahead of the game, we implemented PPC advertising for The Water Cooler Company, driving their digital presence and ensuring that they remain one of the leading water cooler suppliers in London, UK.