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Are you interested in getting approx. £250,000 per annum worth of access to Amazon’s extensive library of Premium A+ modules at no extra cost? As it turns out, Amazon has launched a promotion whereby you can access Premium A+ at no additional charge. Learn about all things related to what we’ve discovered here.

What is Premium A+? 

Premium A+ (also known as A++) is an enriched content experience designed to help you showcase your brand and products to engage shoppers and drive conversions. It’s the next step in creating compelling product pages that tell your brand story, highlight key features, and provide customers with everything they need to know about your products before they hit “add to cart.”

Why You Need Premium A+

Premium A+ content has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 6% and can even lead to increased traffic and discovery as customers browse Amazon’s marketplace. With over 310 million active customer accounts worldwide, there’s no better time to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. 

  • Access to More Content Modules 

One of the most significant advantages of Premium A+ over Amazon A+ is that you have access to twice as many content modules. This means you can customise your product pages and make them stand out from the competition. With more content modules, you can include high-resolution images, videos, infographics, and more to showcase your products in the best light possible. 

  • Better Positioning on Product Pages 

Another advantage of Premium A+ is that your content will be prioritised on product pages. This is especially advantageous if you are selling frequently purchased products or if you want to cross-promote other products on your page. With Premium A+, your content will be front and centre, making it more likely to be seen and clicked on by potential customers. 

  • Increased Visibility Through Enhanced Search 

Premium A+ also offers enhanced search capabilities, which means that your content is more likely to come up when potential customers search for products like yours. This increased visibility can lead to more traffic to your product pages and, ultimately, more sales. 

Are you eligible for the PROMOTIONAL access to Premium A+?

There is two eligibility deciding factor rules applicable to get this great promotion for FREE in most regions, one, you should have an active A+ brand story across your ASIN catalogue, and two, have at least 15 approved A+ already in place for the last 12 months. These factors are reviewed at the end of every month. 

What if you have been paying for Premium A+?

Amazon has changed the game with its Premium A+ promotion, making it freely available for all sellers that fulfill the relatively straightforward requirements. The change in strategy makes Premium A+ available to a much broader audience, albeit upsetting some previous premium users who have the fee as part of their contract with Amazon. There is no set date when Amazon will start charging for Premium A+ again – so for the time being, get your Premium A+ game on.

Move your company from where it is to where it wants to be.

At RT7 Digital, we’re committed to helping you utilise Amazon’s latest platform features and consumer trends. We have first-hand experience from years of selling our products on the Amazon marketplace and bring this knowledge to our clients. Our tried-and-tested methods allow us to guide you in making data-driven decisions about your current and future Amazon business.