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Black + Blum


Black+Blum are a UK-based e-commerce business that sells designer kitchenware It was founded in 1998. Their passion lies in the originality of developing their own designs. They design their products with re-use and sustainability in mind, ensuring that they have a long life using eco-friendly materials where possible. They discourage single-use plastics and food waste.


Understanding the landscape of the market was our first point of call where we conducted extensive keyword and market research.

Using these results, we began to optimize the listings of all the products by updating the content to encompass all the relevant keywords. We updated the listing imagery across the above the fold, and A+ content.

We also built a storefront with optimized images to show off the wide range of products on offer, and grow the brand.

AMS campaigns were built to drive traffic to the product listings as well as the storefront.


  • In the first 2 months, we managed to grow campaign sales by 44.3%
  • Over time, we managed to stabilize the accounts ACoS and it now operates at below 10% every month
  • Visibility of Sponsored Ads grew by 92% within the first 6 months

Black + Blum US

In November 2019, Black+Blum decided to conquer the US market with the same range of products.

  • With the US generally being a more competitive market, this was a harder task, however, we managed to grow account sales by 49% within the first month
  • We saw a 101% grow in impressions over the next 2 months as we built out advertising campaigns for all the products