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Caroline’s Lighting


A client selling glass lampshades approached us, desperately needing revitalized content and Amazon campaign management expertise as his brand had Amazon presence, but was not experiencing the optimal Amazon selling experience because of a lack in professionally curated content and advertising campaigns. The client had already a great number of traffic on their listings but knew that they were not getting an optimal experience.


We know content speaks for itself, even before the consumer starts reading a product page. The purpose of great content is to attract, retain and easily lead the consumer into the definite purchase decision. We always start our approach with a team packed brainstorm, plotting all written information using our market and keyword research methods. Our given resources were very limited, but this could not stop us from getting the job done.


In just two months:

  • We managed to build advertising campaigns that sold almost double the number of units previous campaigns were selling a month
  • Increase the total account sales by 15%
  • An overall increase in sold units a month, selling more units a month compared to previously without our Amazon management expertise
  • ACoS/ROAS: We managed to maintain our clients healthy ACoS of 14% which we aim to reduce to 10% over the next couple of months
  • We increased our client’s advertisement reach by 400%