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We were tasked with optimising the listing of Cubikon, a German speed cube manufacturer in order to improve rankings, visibility and ultimately, sales through their seller central platform.


We kicked off by trying to understand the brand by conducting in-depth market research. This helped us understand the landscape of the market and understand who the competitors are and what they are doing. Once the brand was understood, extensive keyword research took place in order to get an understanding of how best to position this range of products. Close attention was paid to the translation of terms directly from English to German Deutsh – to ensure we capture the true essence of the language.

Taking into consideration the findings from the above research, we optimized product listings, built a branded storefront, and created AMS campaigns to drive traffic to the product pages.  


In just two months, we achieved: 
Conversion rate: Increase of 2.53%
Click-Through Rate: Increase the CTR by 0.04%
ACoS: we managed to decrease the ACoS by 1.12%