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Equine America


Since 1997, Equine America UK has developed and sold a wide range of products for horses and ponies. In addition, they have a brand called Cortaflex brand which sells premium joint care supplements for horses, pets, and people.

We were tasked with helping Equine America with their listing optimisation (refreshing, creating, and uploading) and campaign management. 


We started with the fundamentals of getting to know the client’s products and the broader equine products market. We achieved this by performing keyword and marketplace research. The keyword research helped us to identify exactly what consumers are searching for when purchasing equine products. Further to this, we analysed what their competitors are doing right (and wrong!) to help find the right niche node for Equine America in the Amazon marketplace.  

Based on the market research, we designed and optimized their listings to include the relevant keywords, updated titles, bullet points, and product descriptions. We designed new images and A+ content that really showed Equine America’s brand story. In addition, we built campaigns to drive traffic to the storefront and their product listings. Lastly, we did campaign management for all of their products.


In just two months, we achieved:
Sales: Increased by 79%
Buy Box: Grew by 8%