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Gallinée is the world’s first skin and haircare line brand dedicated to the health and wellbeing of Planet You by incorporating bacteria into products to help repair and moisturise skin and hair. The company came to us looking for assistance in campaign management, creating a well-curated product listing, including titles, bullet points, product descriptions, A+ content, and visually appealing storefront. The brand’s mission was to expand sales channels, including the Amazon marketplace.


We kicked off our partnership with Gallinée by first looking at the foundation – keyword research, competitor, and market analysis which would allow us to understand the brand’s target market, and to identify Gallinée’s competitors and evaluating their strategies.

Based on our research, we created optimised titles, bullet points, product descriptions, A+ Content which reflected the essence and core of Gallinée’s brand. We then uploaded all those products on Amazon, and also refined and edited content as needed to work within Amazon’s content guidelines.

Advertising in the form of sponsored brand ads, product display ads, and others was used as the driving force to get volumes of traffic to our optimised product listings.


In 2 months, we achieved:
Sales: 473% increase
Conversion rate: 28.56% increase