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We were tasked with refreshing, creating, uploading and managing branded content in the form of product titles, key feature bullet points as well as enhanced content in the form of A+ and Storefront for Georganics in the UK.


We tackled this mammoth task by looking at the foundation – keyword research and Landscape research (competitor and market analysis) which would allow us to better understand the vast market that is the UK and how what potential customers were searching and what terms they used to find what they are looking for.

Based on our research, we crafted titles, bullet points, A+ content and a storefront which reflected the essence and core of the Georganics brand – in line with brand guidelines as well as Amazon policies (referring to amazon content policy – what we can/cannot say)

Paid advertising in the form of sponsored brand ads, product display ads, and others was used as the driving force to get volumes of traffic to our optimised product listings.


In just one month, we achieved:
Sales: Increase sales by 5.17%
ACoS: Reduced the ACoS from 30.52% to 16.71%
Conversion rate: increased to 25.96% from 19.11%