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It’s What’s Inside That Counts
A brand built on sport-science and individuality, since 1995, Maximuscle has been making
high-quality sports nutrition products from carefully selected ingredients that work. Dedicated
to helping you define, build and exceed your goals.

The Brief

One of the market-leading sports supplement and nutrition brands, Maximuscle entrusted
RT7Digital to expand the reach of the brand, increase revenue to become more profitable
and promote their message and products through a refreshed campaign – “It’s What’s Inside
That Counts”. A campaign dedicated to honesty and transparency in their products.
We were tasked with refreshing existing listings, creating, uploading, and managing branded
content in the form of product titles, key feature bullet points as well as enhanced content
in the form of A+ and Brand Store for the Maximuscle Vendor Central account in the UK.

Our Solution

Being an agency driven by data and as with everything in the eCommerce industry, research
is a fundamental starting point – keyword research and landscape research (competitor and
market analysis) which would allow us to better understand the nodes and categories in
which Maximuscle operates.

Based on our research, we crafted titles, bullet points, SEO, A+ content and a built a
dedicated Brand Store which reflected the essence and core of the Maximuscle brand – in
line with brand guidelines as well as Amazon policies (Amazon content policy – what we
can/cannot say)

Paid Advertising in the form of sponsored brand ads, product display ads and others were
used as the driving force to get volumes of traffic to the optimised product listings and
newly built Brand Store.

The Results

Having built a strong partnership with Maximuscle as their E-commerce partner, RT7Digital achieve the following results over the first year of working with Maximuscle:

  • Optimised and refreshed over 50 listings
  • Produced 50 A+ content pieces, and published them
  • Designed, built and published a new Brand Store

The following actions were completed in the advertising space:

a) Sponsored Product Ads:

  • Top of the funnel campaigns were built which are Sponsored Product Campaigns
    (automatic, broad and exact and ASIN targeting Ads)
  • Keyword research and competitor research was conducted to identify relevant
    targets for manual campaigns.
  • We continuously monitored campaigns performance, adjusting bids &
    placements as well as adding negative targets where necessary.

b) Sponsored Brand Ads:

  • We launched all types of Sponsored Brand campaigns (Product collection, Video
    and Spotlight ads). We also ran AB tests to assess the performance of different SBs.

c) Sponsored Display Ads:

  • We launched different types of Sponsored Display Ads to drive brand awareness.

d) Enigma rules – campaign optimisation:

  • Over and above manual campaign optimisation, we created rules on internal
    Enigma software to aid with automated campaign optimisation.

Campaign Data (ceteris paribus):

  • We started managing the account in April of 2021. The data below shows YoY
    campaign performance comparison 2020 vs 2021(April – Dec).
  • For the stated period, there was a 71% increase in campaign sale YoY (2020 vs
  • Huge improvement in ACoS was registered. RT7 Digital managed to achieve the
    agreed target ACoS within the first month of account management.
  • There was a 25% decrease in impressions YoY as efforts were made to optimize
    campaigns and to ensure that keyword and ASIN targeting was relevant for the
  • Clicks slightly decreased (8.7%) YoY more due to more accurate targeting, this led
    to an increase in average Click Through Rate (20.8% increase YoY).
  • 2022 Year-to-date performance: campaign sales: 96.9% of campaign sales made in 2021 have already been achieved.

Total account data

  • In a category that has remained highly competitive but quite stable in sales growth,
    Maximuscle revenue grew by 7.63% by increasing the average order value by 114%
    Improved organic conversion rate by 1.93%, sitting at 22.66% overall.
  • A 63.72% YoY growth for their top-performing ASIN
  • A refreshed brand store with improved navigation, video, featured products and
    the brand store saw:
    – 3815% more sales through the channel
    – 381% more order
    – 5145% more units sold

Broader relationship notes

Since our inception with Maximuscle, our service offering had expanded to include operational
and Amazon account management services such as liaising with Maximuscle’s supply team
to ensure efficient stock and operational efficiency of their catalogue, marketing and
promotional strategy implementation and off and on Amazon brand positioning, and on cord
resolution and case query support and consultation.

Our relationship with Maximuscle continues to grow, speaking volumes to the partnership
and learning mentally that exists between our client and ourselves – vital to succeeding on
the increasingly competitive and volatile Amazon landscape. And, it has been through the
consistent team effort and contribution across both companies that has resulted in 36%
increase in total revenue YoY and an advertising ROAS of 14.25%.