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Monty Bojangles

Curiously Moreish

Monty Bojangles is a London-based UK confectionery brand famous for its curiously moreish award-winning cocoa dusted truffles – 38 Great Taste Awards to be exact!

The Brief

With an established account and listings in the UK marketplace, Monty Bojangles requested that RT7Digital assist them in optimising listing content, building A+ Content and implementing a campaign strategy in order to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive conversions.

Our Solutions

As with everything in the eCommerce industry, research is a fundamental starting point – keyword research and landscape research (competitor and market analysis) which would allow us to better understand the brand.

With the research in hand, a full-service Amazon strategy was put in place to upload listings and optimise the content, campaign strategy was implemented where we used Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads to achieve the goals set out by the client.

A dedicated Brand Store was built to serve as a landing page for all Sponsored Brand campaigns to drive brand awareness and recognition.

The paid advertising strategy was used to drive high levels of traffic to optimised listings in order to increase sales through the account and improve organic rankings while reestablishing the brand.



Branded top banner

A detailed product description with dedicated brand section

A description of all three flavours included.

Showcasing the brand awards.

Cross-selling range table showcasing different offerings.


In the first three months we achieved:

  • We have refreshed and optimised over 50 listings
  • Built and published 50 individual A+ Content
  • Redesigned and published a dedicated Brand Store

You can view Monty Bojangle’s Brand Store here.

The figures:

  • A 1366% increase in total account sales with the ACoS at 18.2%.
  • A 19% increase in campaign sales with a TACoS decrease of 87.9%.
  • 180.9% increase in units sold through campaigns.
  • 111% increase in CTR.
  • 5.5% increase in conversion rate.