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With over a century of cutlery manufacturing experience, Viners is a highly distinguished, trusted, and much-loved brand, steeped in British Heritage.

Originating in the early 1900s, Viners has maintained a tradition that combines high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to produce elegant, robust, rust-resistant cutlery with an enduring finish. Add the finishing touches to your dining table with a beautiful Viners cutlery set. Available in varied designs and shapes with a guarantee of excellence.

The Brief

With an established Vendor account and listings in the UK marketplace, Viners was looking at how they could further drive growth on the platform.  Viners had opted for a full-service Amazon strategy including the creation of optimised listing content, building a brand-centric Amazon store, and running effective and efficient campaigns. 

Our Solutions

As with everything in the eCommerce industry, research is a fundamental starting point. We started with keyword research and landscape research (competitor and market analysis) which would allow us to better understand shopping behaviour including which keywords to go after, what to include in the listings, and the best way to position the brand.

A full-service Amazon strategy was put in place to upload listings to the inventory and optimise the content. Once we had all the listings optimised for conversion, a campaign strategy was implemented where we utilised a mix of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads to achieve brand awareness and ROAS goals.

The paid advertising strategy was used to drive high levels of traffic to optimised listings and the Amazon store in order to elevate account sales, improve organic rankings, and reestablish brand presence.



Branded top banner with company background

Introduction to product range

USPs of the product

Descriptive overview of product

Cross-selling range table showcasing different offerings.


Having built a strong partnership with Viners as their E-commerce partner, RT7Digital achieved the following results over the first year of working with Viners:

  • Optimised and refreshed over 140 individual ASINs
  • Produced 109 A+ Content pieces
  • Designed, built, and published a new Amazon store

The following actions were completed in the advertising space: 

Sponsored Product Ads:

  • All Sponsored Product campaigns match types were built and tested
  • Research was conducted to identify relevant keywords and competitor ASINs to target 
  • We continuously adjusted bids and placements to make sure that targets remained relevant and competitive. 
  • Performance was analysed and trends were monitored closely to adjust campaigns accordingly

Sponsored Brand Ads:

  • Sponsored Brand campaigns were launched to grow brand visibility and promote visits to the Amazon store
  • All types of Sponsored Brand campaigns were launched using custom images and headlines

Sponsored Display Ads:

  • We launched different types of Sponsored Display Ads to engage with new audiences and re-engage shoppers who had shown purchase consideration

Enigma Rules – Campaign Optimisation:

  • Over and above manual campaign optimisation, we created rules on internal Enigma software to aid with automated campaign optimisation

Campaign Data (ceteris paribus):

  • We started managing the account in January of 2021. The data below shows the YoY campaign performance comparison 2021 vs 2022 (January – May).
  • For the stated period, there was a 13.8% increase in campaign sales YoY (2021 vs 2022)
  • The amount of New-to-Brand sales increased by 144% YoY.
  • ROAS continued to improve YoY and was within the ‘category’ ROAS ranges
  • Impressions increased by 29% YoY as additional campaigns were built and clicks followed with an uptick of 5.3% YoY

Total account data (2021 vs 2020)

  1. Viners revenue grew by 89.79% year-on-year coupled with a 20.85% increase in average order value
  2. Units sold through the Vendor account increased 57% 
  3. The top-selling product revenue increased by 69.42% selling 2,330 units
  4. A refreshed brand store with improved navigation and brand story saw:
    1. 450% increase in sales through the store
    2. 266.8% more units sold
    3. 352.2% more orders
    4. In 2020, Sponsored Brands brought in under £2000 while 2021 SB contribution reached just under £90,000

Broader relationship notes

Our business relationship with Rayware (Viners) continues to grow. Our ability to continue to offer value to one of our prime legacy clients is of the utmost importance to us. And, with the expansion of our service offering to Amazon Vendor Central operational, logistics, and financial training and chargeback and shortages recovery services, we are able to do just that. 

Doing business is an absolute pleasure with the Rayware team, who are collaborative, insightful, forthcoming, and kind-hearted individuals.