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Amazon Sponsored Brands, previously known as “Headline Search Ads” are the first thing a shopper encounters under the search results after looking for a product.  Sponsored Brand are ads that feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to three of your products. It appears across prime Amazon real estate making it an important resource for advertisers to utilise.

Who Can Use Sponsored Brands?

Sponsored Brands are available for professional Sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry and Vendors.  Sponsored Brand ads empower professional sellers to increase brand consideration and sales on Amazon by promoting multiple products within search results and driving shoppers to a landing page or their store on Amazon.

Where Do These Ads Appear On Amazon?

Sponsored Brands will appear above the fold and are the first thing an Amazon shopper will encounter when searching for products; this is a golden commodity for advertisers. These ads provide advertisers with the ability to capture search intent and go after specific searches with a combination of a graphic and text-based ad. Sponsored Ad products also allow more customers to engage as they shop and browse on Amazon.

Retailers can drive traffic from their Sponsored Brand ads to their Storefront, Best-selling products and a custom URL (on Amazon).

How Do They Work?

Amazon Sellers and Vendors can create Sponsored Brand campaigns within Amazon Marketing Services or Seller Central. These ads are based on keyword-driven targeting where advertisers place bids on product keywords, charged on cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

Below are the steps on how to create a Sponsored Brand Ad Campaign.

  • Click on Campaign Manager (Seller) or In Amazon Marketing Services (Vendor) Click on Advertising > Campaign Manager
  • Click on Create campaign
  • Select Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Settings section:
    • Select Name (we suggest using product – match type as naming convention)
    • Portfolio
    • Start date (don’t add in an end date)
    • Daily budget
    • Landing page for ad traffic (remember to use your Storefront and direct the customer to the page with the products on)
  • Creative section:
    • Add in your brand name and logo
    • Come up with a 50 character headline (think of this as your call to action. Make it punchy and eye-catching)
    • Choose your 3 x products (products with good reviews always work well here)
  • Keywords and bids section:
    • Select your keyword budget (this is the amount you are willing to pay per click)
    • Add in the keywords you found while conducting your keyword research and choose a match type (Broad / Phrase / Exact). Don’t forget to look at what Amazon is also suggesting!
    • Add in negative keywords (these are terms you don’t want to appear for or keywords that are not resulting in a conversion)
  • Hit Submit for Review

There are several strategies you can put in place to increase the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads.  At RT7Digital, we understand how Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Product Ads and Product Display Ads work and how important it is to utilise these essential Amazon features. If you require any assistance with managing your Amazon campaigns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 087 151 4637 or alternatively email us at