At RT7Digital, we believe in an integrated approach to digital marketing. Specialising in
Amazon, Website Design & Development, and Paid Advertising, we work very closely with our clients to find and convert customers across e-commerce platforms. We believe that utilising the advantages of each e-commerce marketplace and cross-marketing enables clients to fully engage with customers like never before.


Paid online advertising is hugely important for a lot of our clients as they progress up the natural search results. It also helps to backup branded campaigns making sure that the brand is visible to the right customers and in the right places.

We only spend client’s budget where it will have the most impact and for some clients, we consult on their existing PPC campaigns and for others, we build them from scratch and manage. We always report in as much detail as the client requires and can create complex reporting structures based on the needs of each individual business. Google shopping feeds, retargeting or pay per click advertising is essential to increasing sales.

Design and Development

When it comes to graphic and website design, we react quickly and strategically to the client’s design needs across their online marketing collateral.

We design websites using software to suit the client and their desired output. No matter the platforms, our ethos around the design, user experience and development of websites is that whilst they should always look amazing and fulfil the aesthetic needs of the brand, they must always have conversions at the core of their functionality. We build websites that work, look amazing and most importantly convert.


Organic and paid social media management at its finest. Launch campaigns to spread brand awareness and get new customers to buy into your brand story while constantly engaging with existing customers through interesting, well thought out and catchy content.

Social media management encompasses a full plan of getting existing and potential customers to buy into your brand. We manage a whole range of social media channels and promote specialised paid content to take your customer engagement to new levels.

Need some help with your digital strategy?

We are an international digital marketing agency with offices in both the UK and Cape Town. We aim to establish personal relationships with our clients, if you find yourself nearby please give us a call and we can arrange to meet. Alternatively email us and we will get back to you.

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