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Our BI department is focused on the fulfilment of the data-knowledge-insight-decision value chain

We deploy our Business Intelligence service offering as a support structure to all our departments, facilitating optimised and data driven decision making. Our BI ecosystem is fed with data from multiple sources which facilitates holistic insight generation on our customer portfolios. Part of our BI service offering is to respond in an agile manner to the ever growing and evolving Amazon environment. An agile approach allows us to consistently develop and expand our service offering and products as part of our R&D initiatives with the goal of keeping our customers businesses competitive and growing on the Amazon platform.

The A-Z of Amazon: Speaking Amazonian

The A-Z of Amazon: Speaking Amazonian

Amazon is already the largest e-commerce platforms and it is no surprise that of their many innovations they’ve also created their own e-commerce language. Selling on Amazon comes with understanding more than the selling process but also what Amazon means with their...

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