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Campaign Management

Sponsored Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads & Product Display Ads

Leverage Amazon Advertising & Maximise ROI
Get in front of your customer by utilising Amazon’s paid advertising platforms. Maximize your reach, get to the top of the search results and expand your customer base. Promote your listings through Sponsored Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads and Product Display Ads (Vendor Only) and cover targeted keywords so that customers can find you. It’s simple, advertise and increase your sales on Amazon. RT7Digital is an Amazon business and marketing consultancy who work closely with our clients to optimise their Amazon campaigns and boost Return on Investment.

Sponsored Products

Get to the top of the search results or onto your competitor’s listings using Sponsored Products and drive customers straight to your product. Not everyone has the time to play the SEO long game, switch your campaigns on today and watch your sales soar.

Product Display Ads

A type of advertising reserved for Vendors. Product Display Ads boost visibility for individual products by linking them to an Amazon product detail page allowing you to target your competitor’s Buy Box.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Formerly known as Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Brands is a type of banner display advertising that can drive potential customers to your storefront or chosen listings. Get prime advertising space at the top of the search results or in other spaces.
Amazon Inventory Audit and Recovery

Amazon Inventory Audit and Recovery

Amazon owes 99% of sellers money and you may not even be aware. Amazon processes hundreds of thousands of items, packages and shipments daily. So the slightest errors in their execution are magnified, causing a heavy drain on your cashflow and profit:  Damaged and...

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