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Editorial Campaigns

Another way to increase your visibility on Amazon.

RT7Digital advocates for brands via editorial recommendations to provide brand and revenue lifts on the Amazon platform. Onsite editorial recommendations provide trusted, third-party category education, and increase the visibility of products mentioned.
This is an excellent tactic which assists your brand and products rank better than your competitors therefore driving sales both through the article and associated boosts to your organic and paid listings on the same page.

Editorial recommendations are not sponsored ads – they’re multidimensional and more durable. This ignites the marketing flywheel, linking editorial recommendation to increasing reviews and ratings velocity, PPC performance, and organic ratings.

The A-Z of Amazon: Speaking Amazonian

The A-Z of Amazon: Speaking Amazonian

Amazon is already the largest e-commerce platforms and it is no surprise that of their many innovations they’ve also created their own e-commerce language. Selling on Amazon comes with understanding more than the selling process but also what Amazon means with their...

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