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Amazon Research

Still in the dark with what your competitors are doing or how people are searching for your
Amazon products?

Find the most profitable keywords in over 75 million Amazon search terms.
Comprehensive research is the first step in any successful strategy but can be tedious and time-consuming. Whether its research for finding your next best-selling product or how to beat your Amazon competitors in a fierce market and outrank them by using the right keywords. We can help by providing reports that allow you to make the right decisions. RT7Digital uses three main categories to consult and assist our clients…

Keyword Research

What are consumers searching for? How many times do they search? What terms do they use to search? These questions need to be answered to effectively optimise Amazon content. Amazon negative keywords are just as important as target keywords.

Category Research

With over 50% of product searches starting on Amazon, it is the favored marketplace for many businesses. This doesn’t mean that it is the correct channel for everyone. Through node research we will establish the potential within Amazon and make recommendations based upon that data.

Competitor Research

Within this piece we look at barriers to entry. Important factors need to be taken into consideration; how long the competitor product listings have been established, review quantity, review quality and pricing.
Amazon Inventory Audit and Recovery

Amazon Inventory Audit and Recovery

Amazon owes 99% of sellers money and you may not even be aware. Amazon processes hundreds of thousands of items, packages and shipments daily. So the slightest errors in their execution are magnified, causing a heavy drain on your cashflow and profit:  Damaged and...

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Amazon Brand Name Policy

Amazon Brand Name Policy

Are you facing any issues with getting your content to reflect on your brand new Amazon listings? Well, this could be the answer you are looking for. Amazon considers a brand to be a name that represents a product or set of products. Products from the same brand share...

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