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The holiday season is ahead, and there has never been a better time for online retail. But it’s not just customers that will be getting the gifts. Amazon just dropped their latest sponsored ads update.

Sellers and brands have a new tool in their marketing strategy, with new deal messaging options for Sponsored Brands. Welcome the chance to create Sponsored Brand ads specific to individual listing deals – with badges!

What’s the big deal?

That’s the question your customers want to know, and now you can tell them. This update brings in the ability to create unique Sponsored Brands with deal messages and badges that highlight ongoing product promotions. You’ll be able to select up to three promotional items that separately display their individual deals; customers will immediately be able to tell how much they are saving on a specific item. 

It’s also quick and clean. The copy auto generates to the standard template, so you can churn these out when you need them— no more need for deal-specific headlines or campaigns. The featured products in these Sponsored Brand ads will be live deals and generate with updated call-to-action (CTA) messages— “Save up to X% on Brand”. Amazon will apply updated messaging on your ad automatically, based on any changes or deal availability, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy.

What does this mean for you?

During sales periods like Black Friday, you can boost specific promotions to get a more even footing with those who are doing Lightning Deals. These flash sales are an extremely popular form of marketing with a high conversion rate. If you aren’t able to take part, you could use this updated feature to show off your own running promotions. 

Previously, Sponsored Brand ads were static, with custom campaigns or headlines. Now Amazon customers will not just see a generic deal message, but also get that all-important attention-grabbing badge. You will be able to host up to 3 unique products per campaign spot, where the prices will be displayed with the individual product savings at the same time. Customers can target your products and deals with more ease which is bound to make all the difference for your conversions.