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It is clear Amazon has disrupted the online shopping world, it has brought new dimensions to how people around the world shop, interact with the web and take in media. Rumor has it that it is the number one search engine for product searches and the second biggest search engine to Google.

Tech and E-Commerce Titan

Per CEO Jeff Bezos the Amazon platform is not fixated on linking apps and services, the platform rather focuses on serving its own customers in the best and fastest way possible. In the UK, Amazon is the number 1 customer satisfaction platform when it comes to providing the best service through having many products available across multiple categories and departments. In the US, Amazon owns 41% share of online sales.

What Does This Mean for You

Identifying the opportunity to sell and market your brand and products on Amazon should not go unturned. Having a well-established marketing presence can be crucial to your B2B or B2C strategy, and it may even accelerate the growth of your company through higher profit turnovers and audience reach.

How We Can Help You

At RT7 digital we recognize the total domination of Amazon, and in return we are offering Amazon management service.

Our Amazon management service entails:

Product optimization and uploads – we will optimize your listings so that Amazon can easily search find your products listing it on the first results page.

Adversting – we will create sponsored ad campaigns, headline search ads, storefronts and enhanced brand content for your brand, ensuring the highest ROI on advert spend.

Customer Service – Amazon takes customer service management very seriously and any seller or vendor that does not have a responsive customer service management can be blocked. At RT7 Digital we can take care of this process for you.

Reviews – getting reviews on products can often control purchase intent from customers when browsing your listing. We have a system in place to obtain customer reviews within Amazon’s reviews terms and guidelines.

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