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On Friday 15th December 2017, the RT7Digital team embarked on a day journey to let loose and relax through one epic year-end staff party.

The day begun with the troops rounding up in the office with jolly smiles and enthusiasm to fill a stadium – no joke, we were really excited. Let’s flashback to the month before.

On the 25th November, we drew names who would be the recipient of our secret Santa gifts on the day of our staff party. For the duration of the time, we would have to uncover what their likes and dislikes are in order to get them the most amazing gift eveeerrr!

Gifts would be exchanged the morning of our staff party which would set the tone for the day. Now, let us get back to the story. Where were we? Oh yes, sheer excitement as the team members arrived one by one after dropping their gifts in a box left at our receptionist “Cindy” – she is not real BTW. Just a cardboard cut-out sitting in a chair.

When everyone was present, we were going to open up presents but alas, Thobias (the boss man) was stuck in a meeting and could not join in on the festivities in the office. Being 100% team players, we decided against exchanging gifts and would do it when we reached our first destination which was Hint Hunt.

Buzzed with excitement, we hailed an Uber to take us to where we would be murder investigators who will solve this mystery in no time – because, let’s face it – we are geniuses.

We hopped in the Uber (the driver’s name was Abdi), and man was this an Uber ride not to be forgotten. Flash forward to when we arrived at our destination, we left Abdi (who looked pretty sad to see us leave) to go and solve this heinous crime.

As we huddled around a table where Thobias was waiting, we realised that a certain someone forgot the secret Santa gift box in the boot of Abdi’s vehicle *NOOOOOOO!!!*.

Long story short, that certain someone had to call numerous numbers and eventually got a hold of our guy Abdi who immediately turned around and saved the day. (Thanks, Abdi)

So now that we have recovered the gifts, our “we’re about to solve this murder mystery faces” were put back on and we enter the room (which will be locked for an hour unless we solve the mystery and get the key to unlocking the door). Our timer starts and boom! *PANIC*

In between actual work and binge-watching CSI for the past week, we were solving crimes in our sleep. We were finding clues and solving puzzles like it was nobody’s business. We are actually amazing at it! Or, so we thought…

We soon discovered that not only was there one room… THERE WERE THREE! THREE WHOLE ROOMS! *Insert more panic here*

With 15 minutes left on the clocking and only discovering the second room – we were doomed. Sooooo, we didn’t make it out of the room – by a mile. But our spirits were not broken. Mainly because we had wine … A lot of wine!

The game was over, but not our lives – so we hailed yet another Uber with the gift box in hand (not forgetting it again) and set forth to The Bungalow in Clifton.

Yet another enjoyable Uber ride, we arrived at the final destination ready to wine and dine into the night (we really had loads of wine and dined like the Kings and Queens we are).

As a small team, we bonded into a little work family and shared some memorable moments around that table – stimulated by good conversation and even better people.

As the sunset appeared – the official RT7Digital staff party came to an end (here is where the unofficial party began).

We shared our goodbyes and best wishes with the boss man and off we went. We will keep the details of the unofficial party between those who were in attendance at Lou Lou’s Bar at the Cape Quarter in Green Point (we do apologise to the management and all staff of that fine establishment).

It was truly a day we will never forget and a great way to end off the year. From the RT7Digital team, we wish you all happy and safe festive season, a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.