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The Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash is a Wi-Fi enabled button that serves one purpose: to order a single, pre-programmed item from Amazon with ease. It attaches to any surface and for things like diapers and garbage bags, it’s a slight boost to efficiency for people looking to streamline everything.
The online retailer has seen enormous gains from customers buying the buttons and ordering through them. Data from last year showed that order volume through the buttons had grown fivefold in a year since launching. Along with this, the number of brands signed on with the Dash Button service has significantly increased showing the value of the device to companies.
The potential contained in the powerhouse that is the Amazon Dash Button is astounding. With the wide range of brands signed up to the service, as well as the increasing number of orders through the platform, it seems that now is the time to get involved.

Benefits For The Consumer

When looking at consumer behaviour, the needs of our customers have shifted. 24-hour shopping experiences, same day delivery, next day delivery – all cater to the modern and streamlined consumer.
The instant event which unfolds at a click of a button promotes convenience, the satisfaction of a need at their fingertips.

Benefits To Business

Data! Data! Data! For your business to succeed you need to know who your customers are and that is what Amazon does really well – understanding their consumers. The buttons allow the retail giant to gather valuable data on frequency.

Frequency = Repetition = Money.

By knowing how, when and how often their customers are purchasing certain brands, they can lead with exceptional marketing and promotions – targeting groups of customers with relevant and personalised specials.

Need to know more about what a button can do for your business? Read up on the Hydrate.Direct case study to find out exactly how we have managed to create a scalable model of the Amazon Dash service and linked it to a start-up.

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