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We all know Amazon loves updating and improving the user-experience and interface for the consumer, and they have done it again.

Sellers and brands are now able to split test their product titles. A/B or split testing is an effective method to identify which versions of your marketing strategies perform better and how you can adjust them to drive more traffic and boost sales on Amazon.

But, what is the point of Split Testing?

Bottom line, the point is to identify the successful parts of a well oiled machine. A product title the most important part of your listing, as it is what will clearly communicate to your user what you are offering. It is also directly linked to whether you will show up in search listings, or not and one of the first things a customers sees when searching through hundreds and thousands of products.

Why Split Test Titles on Amazon?

The obvious reason to split test on Amazon is to increase visits, conversions and therefore profits.

It is one of the smartest ways to improve performance as a seller on Amazon, as you take the guessing out of all the variables that drive sales.

To attract more visitors, you need to make sure your keywords are working for you and that your thumbnail image is attractive to your customer base.

An increase in CTR (click-through rate) and sessions (visitors to your page) can help to increase sales – not just because the more that visit the more than convert – but also because the more people visit the more likely you are to rank higher in searches.