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Launched early 2018 in the USA, the new service allows customers to purchase products exclusively from the nearly 20,000 small and medium-sized businesses across the United States selling on Amazon. Amazon storefronts are a catalogue that displays only the products you want, in the order and layout you want while providing valuable information to Amazon customers. Think of it as your own branded website on Amazon.

The idea is to bring a little more personality to the process of the transaction, like what you might get if you shop regularly at a small business when it’s in a physical location, and you might know the owner by name or she or he would know you. They launched the new store to offer customers an “easy way to buy from small and medium-sized businesses through the convenient and trusted Amazon experience”.

Dubbed the “big collection of small [businesses]” in a statement made against the accusations of wiping out small businesses, Amazon officially rolled out storefronts in the UK and DE in order to reinforce their value of small businesses.

So, why Amazon storefronts you ask? Well for starters, you can put a face to the name. A storefront allows you to brand your page with company logo’s, colours, and images. This adds a personal touch and makes your brand stand out among thousands on the Amazon portal. It’s a great way to gain trust, cross-sell products and really get a potential customer to buy into your brand.

They are highly customisable. Aside from the 4 layout templates provided by Amazon, you can customise your storefront layout to closely match your website or create a new look and feel for your brand on Amazon. We suggest that you keep brand consistency across both your Google and Amazon presence.

Some examples of storefronts we have designed and created:

  1. Root7
  2. Carrinet
  3. Black and Blum­

These are just some examples of the work we have done with regards to storefronts.

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