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Consumers like to have choices, but too many can be overwhelming. Amazon, being one of the largest retailers with plenty of categories and products to choose from, has found a way to combat the choice overload, and funnel buyers towards top-ranking products. Amazons Choice is a distinctive black banner that appears on a single product per search term. It’s a recommendation by Amazon for specific brands or products – suggesting quality, reliability, and overall Amazon confidence.


Amazon’s Choice gets awarded to highly rated, well- priced products that are immediately available for shipping. If a product is not Prime-eligible, they cannot get a badge. Amazon’s choice is sensitive to specific terms, and just the slightest change in phrasing can result in different recommendations. Having a good customer rating is an important factor when determining the badge winner.

Other factors that contribute to the Amazon Choice badge are:

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Category-specific ranking
  • Level of optimisation (Keywords, images and other listing content)
  • Delivery time (Prime only)
  • How often a product gets returned


The best sellers rank is an indicator of how well a product is currently selling on Amazon. It means that the product may have sold a large volume in the past 24 hours or during its product lifespan and therefore ranks number 1 for sales in that specific category. The best-selling products are the ones that receive more traffic and sales than other competitors.

Of course, sellers want their products to excel, and by optimising the relevant factors, your chances of getting a badge will increase. Once a product is deemed a best seller or recommended by Amazon Choice, it will get more recognition and can increase sales.

We help our brands optimise their Amazon listings, drive conversions through paid advertising and build A+ content and dedicated Brand stores. This ensures product listings are fully optimised and ready to convert. If you require assistance with your Amazon presence, get in contact with us via the contact form on our website or call us to discuss your future on Amazon.