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The Born To Run programme is a Vendor-specific business accelerator that allows Vendors to launch new products quickly. It has the potential to kickstart your Amazon’s flywheel effect and potentially succeed with Amazon listings faster without waiting to increase sales and positive reviews.

Why is it beneficial for Vendors?

The idea of the Born To Run programme is that your product sells within ten weeks. With this in mind, the programme benefits you in the following way:

  • There is a significant increase in sales. 
  • There is always stock available within the first ten weeks, ensuring you never run out of stock.
  • You develop a connection with Amazon.
  • The more your product sells successfully, the more Amazon orders from you.

Amazon Born To Run requirement

According to Amazon, there are three main requirements that you need to follow to join the Born To Run programme. The requirements are:

  • The Vendor must have been a part of Amazon Advertising for over three months.
  • The ASIN can’t be described as hazardous material, it can’t be too big or heavy, and it has to show a selling price of less than €5 per unit.
  • Launch Buy Quantity limited to $50,000

What happens if some units are not sold?

If there are units in surplus after the tenth week, Amazon offers two options:

  • Amazon keeps the unsold products whilst you are expected to pay a retention fee equal to 25% of the cost of the unsold units.
  • Return the unsold units with a full refund plus an additional 10% to cover shipping and other costs.

The Born To Run programme serves as a platform that enhances product sales and develops your Vendor profile. The programme benefits vendors who have a new selling agreement with Amazon or are launching new products to the market. 

Born To Run ensures that your products sell at an accelerated rate, showing Amazon that there is a demand for them in the market and thereby ensuring that Amazon continues to order products in quantities that are profitable to your business.

Move your company from where it is to where it wants to be.

At RT7 Digital, we’re committed to helping you utilise Amazon’s latest platform features and consumer trends. We have first-hand experience from years of selling our products on the Amazon marketplace and bring this knowledge to our clients. Our tried-and-tested methods allow us to guide you in making data-driven decisions about your current and future Amazon business.