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Listing Optimisation

Optimise your Amazon listings for ranking & conversion

It’s no secret that at RT7Digital we have a proven track record of optimising e-commerce listings that result in more sales on amazon. Our processes and expertise speaks for itself, we take product listings to the next level and we deliver more sales. First, we analyze your brand, we immerse ourselves in it, we speak about it and become experts in it. Then we analyze your current Amazon presence, look at your competitors
and align your vision with our knowledge. After running numerous Amazon product launches, we understand how keyword placement impacts ranking in organic search results.

Extensive Keyword Report

See the most relevant, high-volume, high-opportunity terms for your product. Our team of copywriters conduct the in-depth product, market, and keyword research to get inside the mind of your customers. Then they compile an extensive keyword report for you and integrate the keywords into your marketplace listing.

Crafted Bullet Points

Expertly designed bullet points beautifully accentuate your product’s key selling points and contribute to increasing keyword exposure in organic search.

Powerful Product Title

Show up in search and convince shoppers to click. Our copywriters build powerful titles designed to maximize keyword exposure and conversion.

International Listing Optimisation

Going international? When it comes to keyword ranking, nothing beats our excellent global team of native speakers. Our team captures colloquial terms, slang, and common abbreviations to increase visibility and sales.
Ensuring Business Continuity with FBA Inventory Management

Ensuring Business Continuity with FBA Inventory Management

Success on Amazon is reliant on stock being consistently available, in the right quantities. While this may sound painfully obvious, it is possibly the largest stumbling block that sellers encounter on Amazon. For many sellers, the route of Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)...

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How to Keep Your Amazon Seller or Vendor Account Healthy

How to Keep Your Amazon Seller or Vendor Account Healthy

An Amazon Seller or Vendor account is an incredible sales channel for your products. However, it comes with its own set of rules and limitations. These rules that apply to an Amazon Seller and Vendor account can make it hard to keep them healthy and perform at their...

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